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About Us

Cakrawala Kreasi Nusantara, PT

Cakrawala Kreasi Nusantara is an Indonesian Company engaged in craft with rattan, natural fiber, and combination of material

PT Cakrawala Kreasi Nusantara help and bridging market access with indonesian artisan and crafts 

We focus on deliver valued products,  creating sustainable relationship with artisan. Our process and capabilities are comes from the combination of cultural heritage, ethnic diversity, Indonesian hospitality, and passion of Indonesia artisan.

All of our designs are intentionally aesthetic and timeless and the most important is eco-friendly. They withstand trends and associate well with different styles, and they can be passed on from one home to the next, carrying over the stories of one lifetime into another.

Our Story

As Indonesian residents, our story is a journey to introduce beautiful culture from many thousand of island in Indonesia, hospitality, and ethnic diversity.  As every story goes, we found a lot of cultural heritage, handicrafts in Indonesia need to be maintained and developed with latest trends and innovation.

In CKN, we make this story more interesting. We work with many artisan based producers, we support small and home industry while building chemistry between us.

We believe our story is help people create spaces that people love and in-turn.

What We Do

We are small business that provide 100% handmade craft & furniture made from rattan, natural fiber, and combination of material. We ship worldwide, and accepted minimum quantity of craft / furniture. Through the duration of a project, we listen to our clients to ensure that their budgets are met

Our Commitment

Support Local Artisan – Preserve and evolve Indonesian craft and artisan skills as an integral part of our culture. We support and strongly bond with many artisan  to maintain the beauty of Indonesian handicraft culture thus  maximize competitiveness in crafts trend.

Quality Control – Ensure our production quality meet with customer requirements. We continuous to improve our product to aim customer satisfaction.

Production  – Build a collaboration with experts, we process every product efficiently follow International quality standard.

Our Products

2. chair masih polos_stamp 2_compress

Chair / Bench

  • Rattan Chair
  • Natural Fiber Chair
  • Synthetic rattan chair
  • Combination material chair
3. basket utk produk website_stamp 2_compress


  • Rattan basket
  • Natural fiber Basket
  • Combination material basket
All Storage & Tray 2 w stamp

Storage & Tray

  • Rattan Storage & Tray
  • Natural Fiber Storage & Tray
  • Combination material Storage & Tray
ALL Bowl and Placemat 2 w stamp

Bowl and Placemat

  • Rattan bowl and placemat
  • Natural Fiber bowl and placemat
  • Combination material bowl and placemat
1. All Rug 1 with stamp

Rug / Carpet

  • Form : Round ; Square ; Custom
  • Material : Synthetic and natural
ALL_Wall Decor 2 w stamp

Wall Decor

  • Rattan wall decor
  • Natural Fiber wall decor
  • Combination material wall decor
Merge All with stamp

Wooden Floor

  • Material : Teak, Mahony, Mozaic stone
  • Size : L 3cm0 x W 30cm x H 2cm
  • Customize
  • Other rattan products


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Adress : Ruko Graha Boulevard BV A1, Summarecon Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia
Showroom : Ruko The River, RB 12, Komplek Perumahan The River,
Jl Raya Parung Panjang, Parung Panjang
+62 811 183 9050
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